white santal

white santal

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surprise! introducing our one of a kind perfume collection. shop from 24 one of a kind fragrances, only available in our perfumes! These are fragrances that have never been released in any collection and are truly one of a kind ✨

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tobacco leaf - bergamot - black pepper - cacao blossom - white santal - amber - woods - vanilla bean

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1.7 fl oz

round heavy bottom glass jar with silver overcap + atomizer sprayer

be sure to keep the sprayer tightened as this can cause leaking if unscrewed

• SD Alcohol 39C (denatured (SD) alcohol ; commonly used in perfumes)
• DEP 
• Benzyl Salicylate 
• paraben + phthalate free fragrance oils

• make sure to keep spritzer cap screwed tightly. if this is unscrewed for any reason it could cause leaking!
• Mist 2-3 spritz for fragrance that lasts for up to 8 hours.
• Be sure to store your perfume out of direct sunlight to keep the oils happy :)

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White santal

Very Beautiful:)