Months in the making...

Jul 16, 2021by Haley Prochaska

coming soon: collective harmony co rebrand 

Months in the making - I'm excited to officially announce that we are rebranding!

When I started making candles almost 4 years ago I had a completely different vision of candles. At that point in my life I had only been exposed to your typical store bought candles (dyed, generic, un-unique). The beauty of owning your own business is that as you grow + change, your business can grow + change with you. While I will always hold a special place in my heart for the roots of my small business, I am so freaking excited to share this rebrand with you!

There's a lot to share, but here are a few main points:

♡ Candle Color
all candles will now be natural, undyed candles. there may still be some dyed candles in certain collections, like the summer ice cream candles, embedded candles, etc.

♡ Candle Size
For the time being, our mini mason jars are being discontinued. I KNOW I'm a little sad about it too. BUT here's the thing - the new sample jars are even better + I have a feeling you're going to love them! My hope is to bring back the
mini's for the holidays each year :)
Our Mason Jars are also being upgraded to a new + improved size - more details to come!

♡ Logo + Branding
there is a little tease above, but our overall branding got a complete rehaul thanks to the amazing + talented work of Laynie from Mint Lane Studio - working with her has been so much fun!!

So what does this all mean?
I'm hoping to launch the full rebrand in early-mid august.
Over the next few weeks I'll be able to narrow this down and
hopefully get a date out as soon as possible.

all of that being said - we need to make room for the new so we're having an INVENTORY SALE - starting now. Head to our stories + the link in our bio to shop the entire sale :)

and I of course have to give a huge shoutout to you all - whether you're new or been here since the beginning: thank you times a bajillion. I am forever grateful for you all! And of course, all goodies will still be handmade, in small batches by yours truly ♡


With the rebrand not all fragrances will be carrying over. Here is a list of the cents that will be retiring:
• Alcove
• Festival Season
• Moonlit Coast
• Nantucket Waters
• Ocean Driftwood
• Rose Water
• Strawberry Wine
• Vanilla Peach
• Warm + Cozy
• Whimsical
• It Is Your Birthday

Also - the summer collection will retire for the season on August 2nd prior to the rebrand launching. You'll have until 5pm CST on 8/2 to shop all the goodies before we close the website until launch day.


xoxo Haley