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apricot pear

slightly floral with hints of woodsiness and sweet notes of pear, apricot and nectarine. homey + fresh.

pear - nectarine - apricot - jasmine - patchouli - vetiver - vanilla

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cactus blooms

A refreshing blend of fresh flowers with a light coconut + sandalwood base

 fresh greenery - citrus - coconut - sweet florals - light musk - sandalwood

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citrus sunshine

An invigorating blend of sweet citrus notes with light florals and a touch of sweet ocean air. Bright, juicy + fresh

linen - citrus - basil - eucalyptus - orange peel - mint - sea salt - freesia - chamomile - agave

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lake adventure

Reminiscent of a day spent on the lake. Sun shining down on you, a light breeze of nearby pine trees and the sweet smell of fresh blooming flowers. Accented with light vanilla, cedar and amber.

crisp water - pine - green apples - jasmine - violet - lily - rose - cedar - musk - vanilla - amber

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midnight poppy

sweet but sultry with a unique blend of florals, fruits and sweetened by the night-blooming fragrance of the moonflower. juicy pear and agave help to sweeten the soft florals and are deepened with notes of dark musk and amber

pear - agave - rose - cherry blossom - powder - dark musk - amber

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peach tea

Fresh brewed peach tea with sweet and citrus notes of mandarins, herbal notes of ginger and thyme, and fresh florals. Fresh + clean yet packed with just enough citrus notes to brighten up any space.

bergamot - mandarin - raspberry - coconut - peach - jasmine - white tea - vanilla - sugar - chrysanthemum

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sandalwood + rose

Lush rose petals and earthy woods blended with light greenery and a touch of soft musk

greenery - wine - rose - woody - balsam - cedar - amber - vanilla - musk

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summer market

A late summer morning spent walking through the farmers market with the sweet smell of fresh strawberries, apples and pears with notes of oak and fresh greenery lingering in the distance.

strawberries - green apples - pears - geranium - basil - oak - fresh greenery

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ich + earthy like a warm smile, a soft summer’s rain and a hug from mother nature herself. This scent is our most universal sent with notes of rich vanilla and warm amber sweetening the base while spicy pepper and thyme mingle with oakmoss, earthy and ginseng to create a rich and earthy fragrance.

 pepper - thyme - oakmoss - dark earth - ginseng - cedarwood - vetiver - rich vanilla - amber

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warm + cozy

Sweet notes of vanilla sprinkles with a fresh bed of rose petals and finished with a smooth and creamy musk. Warm + cozy is that signature home fragrance you’ve been looking for and is perfect  year-round!

vanilla sugar - rose - jasmine - orchid - cedarwood - vanilla - musk

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water lilies

A tranquil + serene blend of water lilies, rose petals and violet with sweet undertones of grape, white peach and citrus notes. Creamy vanilla adds just enough sweetness to the base without being too overpowering.

 water lily - rose - violet - grape - white peach - citrus - creamy vanilla

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white cashmere

soft, sophisticated and luxurious. powdery top notes with sweetened vanilla and a woodsy base of musk, amber and sandalwood.

bergamot - powder - sugar - lavender - vanilla - ylang ylang - amber -musk - sandalwood

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