our fall collection is available from september - december

featuring four cozy, warm + inviting fragrances for the coziest season.

chestnut + cardamom

a creamy + deep fragrance that brings warmth and spice to your home. chestnut + cardamom is sweet, creamy, and spicy and the perfect fragrance for welcoming the crisp fall evenings.

| fragrance notes |
peppercorn - cinnamon - ginger - cream
black cardamom - wood - tonka bean - chestnut

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cozy flannel

cuddled in a warm + cozy blanket under an evening sky full of stars wearing your favorite flannel. the smell of a bonfire and gooey s'mores lingers in the air while you enjoy the crisp evening and sweet smell of an autumn's night.

| fragrance notes |
vanilla bean - almond - caramel - ginger - bay leaf
clove - cinnamon - leather - amber - tonka - smoky woods

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golden meadows

embark on a walk through a meadow on a crisp autumn day.
the scent of freshly fallen leaves fills the air while sweet + earthy notes of fall dance around you as you breathe in the autumnal air.

| fragrance notes |
palm - aloe - cinnamon - citrus - oak - leather - patchouli
berry - apple - pecan - cedar - smoke - vanilla - whiskey

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vanilla pumpkin

a signature fall favorite! sweet + creamy vanilla blended with just the right amount of cinnamon and nutmeg spice. add in pumpkin and fluffy marshmallows and
you have the perfect fall treat.

| fragrance notes |
creamy vanilla - sweet cream - fluffy marshmallows
pumpkin - nutmeg - cinnamon - caramel

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