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smells like a tootsie roll!

great quality i can see me using this to mix with other scents a lot. can’t wait to try more out!

White santal

Very Beautiful:)

Such a good idea!

You have to add this mystery tea light bundle to your order! It's so fun to open the box and find out which scents you got. All of them smell amazing and it's a great way to find out your favorites for your next order.

RUN, don't walk, to grab these!

Thankfully I beat the rush and was able to get my hands on "S'mores" (sends you right into a friend-filled summer night, by the way!), so make sure to also grab "White Birch" and "Winter Wonderland", too! Both are great for cozying up a room or adding that extra touch for a perfect late-night vibe.

Cranberry Vanilla - Perfect for the holidays!

Can't wait to use this during Thanksgiving/Christmas! A great way to add a subtle hint of holiday cheer to your room and furniture.

Perfectly Peachy :)

A great spring/summer scent. The vanilla accent really makes it!

THE best scent!

The perfect marinade of sweet, floral, tart, and citrus all at the same time. It really does smell like the perfect batch of summer strawberry wine. My favorite scent from Collective Harmony!

Truly Bliss!

Cocoa Butter Bliss is the perfect rich and warm scent when you want to smell like a big hug. It feels very smooth on the skin and a little goes a long way. It's the perfect size to put in a purse or backpack. I absolutely love it and will definitely be purchasing more!

Is nice

It has a pleasant scent, but it smells more like vanilla and rose bar soap than sandalwood and rose in my opinion. I like that the aroma lingers on the skin for quite a while.

Invigorating scents for hot summer days

SUMMER MARKET: this scent is everything for the hot summer days we are having. It is so cooling and refreshing when I spray it on. It reminds me of special memories as a child going to the Amish markets. Everything always smelled so fresh and alive. Ripe strawberries and crisp apples hints of herbs and warm summer breeze.

BLACKBERRY SAGE: this scent takes me to my first time visiting my dad after he moved to Oregon. It was summer and there was wild blackberries growing everywhere. They smelled and tasted delicious! The Sage gives the perfect herbal touch. This scent is perfect for hot weather and makes you feel refreshed. I wear it fondly of special memories shared with family and all the beauty of Oregon.

CITRUS SUNSHINE: another perfect fragrance for hot summer days. A citrus blend of herbs and agave. There is a dash of sea salt that makes it even more refreshing. It’s a clean and happy scent.

Mom’s date night

Blossom has such a gorgeous label! I couldn’t wait to smell the scent, as it was a pure blind buy just for how it looks. Yes I am that person that gets drawn in with pretty much everything Haley makes because it’s so aesthetically pleasing. Everything she makes just makes me feel happy and positive. The scent is just as amazing! The beginning is the black currant with a jasmine breeze. A perfect touch of citrus. The dry down is gorgeous! It lingers very long for a perfume oil. Love that amber tonka combo. A sweet sultry fragrance perfect for a special date night.

Sparkling strawberries ❤️

I confess I was originally drawn to this lotion: 1) everytime I would read the title that catchy song would play in my head. 2) it seemed a perfect option to try a Collective Harmony lotion. The past few days have been incredibly stressful. This evening I needed to unwind after a hot bath. The entire time I was looking forward to putting on this lotion. It has become a special treat for self care. The texture is perfect. Like a blend between a lotion and a body cream. It moistures so nicely and leaves a soft beautiful fragrance. The scent itself is gorgeous! I would love this in perfume! It truly smells like a sweet strawberry wine on a warm summer evening picnic. I’ve been layering Summer Market with it since it has the refreshing strawberry note. The bottle is perfection and brings charm to your vanity.

the lake adventure scent is absolutely amazing! i find its definitely a somewhat masc leaning vibe to it but still in a perfume way! it’s not extremely long lasting but it does it’s job as a fragrance well!

Little rays of sunshine!

The Spring and Summer collections are absolutely delightful scents! Each one fresh, clean, and invigorating. Perfectly suited to their name of seasons. Now I can’t wait for the Fall and Winter perfumes. I’m thrilled to have found my niche of perfumes and products. Each scent I have tried from here makes me feel put together and feminine. Being a busy mom I savor the small things that bring joy and happiness. Reminding me to take whatever moments I can for self care. Thank you!

This is the first perfume I bought for myself as an adult, and it’s been my favorite ever since! I highly recommend and constantly got compliments about it last time I purchased it. Solid 10/10!!

peach tea

Beautiful, fresh, spring/summer scent!

Summer day in the south

I purchased Southern Magnolia without having smelled it before. Magnolia scents can be soapy and potent. But this one definitely is not. This is a modern magnolia perfume that is fresh and feminine. Like a cool breeze while sitting on your front porch on a hot southern day. Sipping on ice cold green tea and a fresh picked magnolia blossom tucked behind your ear. Having grown up in the south and traveled all the southernmost states as a young girl, this truly is a hot summer southern day in a bottle. Beautiful!

A little box of sunshine ❤️

I am so happy with my first purchase from here. It was shipped SO FAST! Which made the wait short and increased my excitement. My goal was to try all available fragrances and it was such a success. Everything was packaged nicely with pretty color coordination. Incredibly professional looking and impressive. Gives you a warm and welcoming feeling. The sprayers are so cute and feminine. It has been fun trying each one throughout the day. I did not expect to like them all, and I actually LOVE them all. There are some warm, sweet, and cozy scents. There is also fresh, fruity, and clean. I now want to have them all to pick from each day.

Does smell like a costal breeze!! light, nice, and will wear well in the summertime. I love this seller’s perfumes. They do not smell like all the chemical scents at your department store. Everything comes packaged beautifully too.

Precious memories of days gone by

I was recently gifted this perfume. From the moment I saw the bottle, I fell in love with the style and aesthetic used by the brand. The scent is nostalgic for me. It truly does convey its namesake. Hiking in the mountains, coming upon a fresh sparkling lake. Setting up camp and sharing special moments with loved ones. Wildflowers blooming in the nearby meadow. A gentle breeze blowing the refreshing aroma of pine trees. Just beautiful! This being my first experience with Collective Harmony, I came to see the website. Everything is professional and gorgeous! I love visiting the instagram page. The owner and her products reflect positivity and happiness. This is a place i look forward to supporting their business. Next on my list is to try every single perfume available. I can’t wait to experience more of Collective Harmony! Thank you for your beautiful products!

This smelled great love how how the different fragrance notes blended to make a lovely smelling perfume

sandalwood + rose
Debra Barretta

I adore a soft feminine scent & this scent is beyond my expectations. I actually wear this on my wrists before bed for sweet dreams. Thank you ever so much!!

vanilla cherry
Debra Barretta

Absolutely love this soothing mixture of lovely ingredients & a hint of cherry & vanilla for my lips. The color is a pretty neutral too. 100% in love with this product!!

peach tea

It smells so beautiful and it was packaged neatly and eco friendly too! I got it as a gift for my sister and she really loves it.

I truly love these beautiful, all natural lip balms. The colors are lovely and they are very moisturizing.