vanilla pumpkin
vanilla pumpkin
vanilla pumpkin
vanilla pumpkin
vanilla pumpkin
vanilla pumpkin
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a signature fall favorite! sweet + creamy vanilla blended with just the right amount of cinnamon and nutmeg spice. add in pumpkin and fluffy marshmallows and you have the perfect fall treat.

creamy vanilla - sweet cream - fluffy marshmallows - pumpkin - nutmeg - cinnamon - caramel

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1.7 fl oz

round heavy bottom glass jar with silver overcap + atomizer sprayer

be sure to keep the sprayer tightened as this can cause leaking if unscrewed

• SD Alcohol 39C (denatured (SD) alcohol ; commonly used in perfumes)
• DEP 
• Benzyl Salicylate 
• paraben + phthalate free fragrance oils

• make sure to keep spritzer cap screwed tightly. if this is unscrewed for any reason it could cause leaking!
• Mist 2-3 spritz for fragrance that lasts for up to 8 hours.
• Be sure to store your perfume out of direct sunlight to keep the oils happy :)

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Customer Reviews

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This perfume is such a lovely wear. It starts off full cinnamon, but the longer you wear it, the more you can smell the vanilla and the marshmallow. It's not a loud fragrance but it lasts and lasts. If you want to feel comforted by a scent this winter, I recommend this one. Think being hugged by a cinnamon vanilla marshmallow.


I seldom find myself being so enamored with fragrance at first sniff. Kudos to Haley for making such a dreamy, seductive, and enchanting perfume. Vanilla Pumpkin has far exceeded my expectations in its design, smell, and performance. I'm proud to have this in my collection. P.S. goodness gracious, this pumpkin note truly is something special.


the smell and longevity of this perfume are amazing!! as another review mentioned, this smells exactly like a pumpkin spice latte! packaging was nice and secure as well :)


This is definitely a Fall signature scent. It smells sweet, spicy, warm, and delicious. I just want to eat it.


Smells amazing, and within 10 minutes of opening I dropped it and it didn’t break. So A+ bottle, too!

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