our winter collection is available from november - february

featuring four festive, cozy + warm + inviting fragrances to get you in the holiday spirit

frosted juniper + pine

fresh evergreens mixed with undernotes of sandalwood, amber and musk to bring an earthiness to the beloved juniper berry. Frosted juniper + pine is a fresh, earthy and clean fragrance perfect for winter.

| fragrance notes |
citrus - coriander - pear - pine - red currant
berry - cherry blossom - juniper - sage
amber - musk - sandalwood

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a nostalgic + comforting blend made specially for our gourmand lovers! Wrap yourself in the coziness of freshly baked gingersnap cookies with fresh snow falling on the ground, surrounded by your favorite people with your favorite sweater keeping you warm. A cozy scent youโ€™ll love for the merriest season.

| fragrance notes |
ginger - brown sugar - butter - molasses
vanilla - cinnamon - clove - milk

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snow flurries

the first snowfall meets Christmas morning with our snow flurries fragrance. earthy notes of cypress, sage and patchouli blended with the bold + fruity scents of blackberry, lemon and juniper to create a fruity and earthy fragrance reminiscent of mornings spent in your PJโ€™s surrounded by family and snow falling on the ground.

| fragrance notes |
eucalyptus - blackberry - lemon - peppermint
sage - cranberry - patchouli - juniper
cedar - incense - balsam - pine

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winterberry + pine

we took your favorite pine fragrance and put a spin on it. Winterberry + pine is a signature pine fragrance with sweet undernotes of jasmine, peach and currants, creating a holiday favorite that you can enjoy all throughout the winter season.

| fragrance notes |
red apple - sugared berries - citrus - fir - eucalyptus
currants - greenery - jasmine - peach
cedarwood - sandalwood - oakmoss - musk

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thankful for you

celebrate those you're thankful for with our limited edition candle, which makes a perfect gift to bring for thanksgiving when you don't want to bring a pie :)

| fragrance notes |
blackberries - raspberries -pears
cinnamon - clove buds - geranium - musk

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meet me at midnight

calling all swifites! this one's for you - meet me at midnight is our new years eve inspired candle perfect for ringing in the new year. bonus - it makes a great gift too!

| fragrance notes |
pomegranate - raspberries - citrus - spun sugar
carnations - strawberries - apricot blossoms
prosecco -vanilla - musk

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