spring + summer fragrances

spring collection fragrances | available March - August

beach sunset

imagine walking the beach at sunset with a soft breeze of pineapple, mint and sea mist in the air. fresh, earthy, clean, and slightly fruity. 

limoncello - pineapple - sugared mint - tropical flowers - volcanic rock - coral - beach air

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blackberry sage

fruity + tart blackberries mingle with fresh sage to give you a fruity yet very herbal fragrance. fresh herbs and a slight spice make this a fragrance you can’t resist.

tart blackberries - fresh sage - spice - fresh herbs - greenery

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morning tide

gentle waves at your feet, ocean mist in your hair, notes of sun drenched driftwood and tropical flowers in the air. morning tide is what we’d imagine springtime at the beach to smell like. fresh, familiar + clean. the best way to welcome spring into your home.

tropical sun - coconut water - citrus - apples - ocean mist - driftwood - tropical flowers - sea breeze

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summer collection fragrances | available march - august

citrus agave

sweet agave nectar with clean citrus notes balanced out by rich earthy notes. 

apple - red currants - lemon - lime - agave - cactus - water lily - oak moss - musk

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coastal breeze

waves crashing ashore on a rocky coastline with rich sandalwood + driftwood in the breeze. Smells like walking along the shoreline just before a storm.

lemon - orange - jasmine - sea salt - cedar - violet - powder - musk - amber - sandalwood

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summer solstice

rich barley grass mingled with a sweet breeze of wild flowers + green apples. reminiscent of a summer evening on the patio, drink in hand, music playing and the sun setting in the distance.

bergamot - black currant - green apple - peony - violets - wild flowers - lavender - musk

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