shop news + updates

Jun 30, 2022by Haley Prochaska

Shop news + Updates

Macrame Drop:
Our next macrame drop is coming in July! I'm still finalizing the date, but expect it to be towards the middle to end of the month. Currently this drop will have some new wall hangings (yay!), a new wristlet option, lanyard (perfect for back to school!), and a few other accessories. Make sure to stay up to date by following us on instagram where you'll also get some sneaks at behind the scenes!

Birthday Sale + Rebrand Anniversary:
Every year I do a birthday sale as a way to celebrate with you all - the reason I'm able to do what I love! :) July 16th will also be the one year anniversary of our rebrand! With my birthday on the 21st, expect a sale that week. Keep an eye on your inbox or instagram for all the details :)

Upcoming Market:
Ever since adding Jude to our lives the thought of doing markets seems unimaginable 😅 HOWEVER, we never turn down doing our favorite local market. Especially since this year is their TEN YEAR anniversary. The market I'm talking about is Homegrown Arts + Music Festival. If you're local, this is a concert and market all in one and is such a fun summer event. It takes place July 30th in Lisle, IL at Basecamp - the most awesome local venue. You can learn more here:

Here are some pictures from past times we've been there:

2016 (left): our first market at Homegrown. Seeing this photo now amazes me at how much Collective Harmony has grown 🥰  
2017 (right)- back when it was Haley's Coasters and candles weren't even in sight yet!
2018 (left) - peep candles + first iteration of our rebrand - Crafted Harmony
2019 (right)- Another renaming (this time it stuck!) and more focus on candles. 

It will be fun to return this year and make our official debut with the rebrand and our new macrame pieces. If you're local this is the place to be that weekend!


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with all the love,
Haley xx