I spy something new!

Aug 3, 2021by Haley Prochaska

It's finally here! introducing the long awaited rebrand of collective harmony co.

when I began making candles almost 4 years ago I had a completely different vision for my business at the time. as I've grown, changed + learned more about candle making and what I want my business to be I knew it was time to rebrand into something that felt more like me.

I feel like this rebrand really represents me, what I invision my brand to be + what I would want to put in my own home. I'm excited to be able to burn my own candles again and feel excited about doing it! The beauty of owning your own business is that when you feel the need for change, you can do it. I am so blessed + grateful that this is what I get to do day in + day out. I wouldn't be here without all of you, so thank you! from the bottom of my heart! y'all are the real MVPS :)

all that being said - introducing our new core collection!


cactus blooms
citrus sunshine
lake adventure
peach tea
sandalwood + rose
summer market
water lilies

Shop the new look + new goodies now! :)