silver wick trimmer
silver wick trimmer
silver wick trimmer
silver wick trimmer
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Take care of your candles in style with our classic silver wick trimmer.


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• use the wick trimmer to trim your wick(s) after each use. keeping your wick trimmed increases the longevity of your candle and ensures a proper + safe burn. 

• clean the wick trimmer as needed with a paper towel.
• discard wick trimmings in trash
• never trim a "hot" wick, wait until your wax has completely cooled.

Why trim your wick?
A trimmed wick burns more safely than an untrimmed wick by keeping soot and smoke under control. Keeping your wick trimmed to 1/4" before each burn keeps your wick at a cooler temperature which increases the longevity and throw of your candle scent (burns longer + smells better!). 

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